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In addition to the existing features and benefits of its Premium Website Package, AKA Broker offers the integration of a robust and user-friendly ASP.NET CMS solution for the development of your website. This solution will provide your team and AKA with direct and complete access and control to build, update and manage your website on an ongoing basis. Specific features and benefits of this solution include:
  • A proven fully supported solution (thousands of websites use this system internationally)
  • AKA is a preferred partner allowing for direct high-level access to provider, as well as additional technical support from AKA, if required
  • This is an ASP.NET solution (therefore integrates with AKA’s robust commercial hosting environment)
  • This solution provides:
    • Easy-to-Use Editor - The built-in user-friendly editor is fully integrated into the system, making it easy for content editors to edit content just like in Microsoft Word
    • Robust Users & Roles System - Ability to assign roles and access privileges to specific individuals within your brokerage
    • Content Staging – Review site changes before going live
    • Full Text Search – Full-text search provides you the search functionality out-of-the-box, without having to purchase any additional products. It searches the CMS database content and optionally the uploaded files. You can choose to search for exact phrase, any word or all words
    • Online Forms  - Access to online quote request facility and ability to download all forms submitted to your website
Additional functionality that your brokerage could avail itself to in the future:
  • Polls
  • Content Rating
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • RSS Feeds
  • Image Gallery
  • Media Library
  • Wiki
  • E-Commerce
  • Geomapping
  • Web Analytics
  • Event Calendar
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